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Lush Cosmetics – ‘The Kiss’ Lip Scrub

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Lush Cosmetics – ‘The Kiss’ Lip Scrub

After a year of people telling me how much they love Lush Cosmetics, I finally caved and went into the store myself to see what all the hype was about.

Side note – I have used their bath bombs before, but have never purchased them myself, I always got them as gifts. I do love them, and you can use them more than once too.

Recently my lips have been super dry because of the cold winter weather and any type of lip balm was not fixing my cracked lips. A friend suggested I purchase a lip scrub, especially from Lush Cosmetics. I purchased ‘The Kiss’ ($9.95 CA). It is their Valentines Day limited edition lip scrub. The other scents were too strong for me (Bubble Gum, Popcorn and Mint). But the Mint is the most popular one.

First impressions – Smells of citrous fruit, looks as though it will give a minor pink lip stain after use.

During use – Doesn’t taste as good as it smells (you are supposed to lick the sugar lip scrub off after you are finished scrubbing), it tastes more salty than sweet. A little messy, I recommend doing it over a sink.

After use – I wiped it off with water because I didn’t want to lick it off. It didn’t leave a strong pink tint, barley one at all actually, but that is okay because you kind of scrub outside of your lip line and you don’t want a pink tint surrounding your mouth. It worked though, it definitely made my lips softer and helped remove the dead skin on my lips.

Will I use it again? I don’t see why not!

Tweet me a picture (@meghangiffin) if you use ‘The Kiss’ and let me know your first impressions!

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