Valentines Day Lip Sticks

Valentines Day Lip Stick
Valentines Day Lip Stick

As Valentines Day approaches, you may be scrounging up old red lipsticks to wear or trying to look for the perfect red or pink for the day and or night.

I myself am a huge fan of red and dusty rose pink lipsticks, and I think you cannot go wrong in any red situation. I have swatched some of my favourite red and pink lipsticks for the occasion, whether you are going out with friends, on a date, or hanging out with family, these colours are perfect!

Valentines Day Lip Swatches
Valentines Day Lip Swatches

From top to bottom:

Marc Jacobs – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ($38.00 CA) **Side note, this was in the Sephora Birthday gift**

Nars – Dragon Girl ($33.00 CA)

Revlon – Sultry ($8.96 CA) **Also reviewed previously**

Tarte – TBT ($24.00 CA)

Rimmel London by Kate Moss – 11 ($8.96 CA)

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream – San Paulo ($6.00 US) **Couldn’t find the Canadian price, but I know they were less than 10$**

YSL The Mats – 203 ($40.00 CA)

And there you have it! Some of my favourite lip sticks for this Valentines Day (and pretty much every other day..)

Have an amazing Valentines day and let me know in the comments below or tweet me @meghangiffin what colour you are going to wear!

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