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L’Occitane Essential Water

L'Occitane Essential Water ($30.00 CA)
L’Occitane Essential Water ($30.00 CA)

I haven’t ever really used toner on my skin as it dries it out or gives me a bad reaction – until I found this ! This L’Occitane Essential Water is exactly what my skin has been missing.

I don’t use this toner every night because my skin does tend to dry out really easily, so I use the essential water about every other or every third night. I use it after I take my makeup off and wash my face. I then take a cotton pad, put the product on it and wipe my face to remove any makeup, dirt or bacteria off my face. It not only clears any make up off my face, removes dirt, but it clears pores and leaves my skin feeling young, soft and fresh! This stuff does wonders and it smells lovely too.

I highly recommend this product. It is not too pricey, $30.00 CA, but you get a lot of product in the bottle. I don’t know if you should use it every night, because I do think that your skin should rejuvenate itself with its natural oils, but if you have oily skin you can use it every night. Every other or every third works for me, but it might not be enough or it might be too much for your skin. Try it out and see how your skin reacts to it the first time you use it. It might make it easier to establish how often you should use the essential water.

I then splash a little bit of water on after I use it, dry it off and then put my moisturizer on.

Let me know if you use this product! Or if you have any other toner suggestions for people with dry to combination skin! Leave your comments bellow or tweet me @meghangiffin !

Have a great week, and talk soon!


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